White supremacy poster claims "antiwhiteism is on the rise"

Jun 10 2021, 10:19 am

A Facebook post that is now circulating on social media features a picture of a white supremacy poster that was found stuck on a bus.

The poster is from a group called No White Guilt, who claim that white culture is being erased.

A poster from the same group that was found late last year also claimed that BC was “The Most AntiWhite Place On Earth.”



The website is seemingly operated by a single individual who claims, “My hope is to bring purpose, safety, and happiness to Westernkind. My concern is with the harm that has been and is inflicted by antiwhites on Westmen (as individuals and as a whole, i.e. Westernkind). My objective is to bring healing, empowerment, and inoculation to my people – white wellbeing. Dignity for all, even whites.”

Transit Police spokesperson Sgt. Clint Hampton provided a statement to Daily Hive:

“Unfortunately, in the past, Metro Vancouver Transit Police in collaboration with the RCMP, BC Hate Crimes unit, have investigated posters with similar propaganda in and around Transit hubs. Whether or not a criminal offence or a breach of policy occurred, the promotion of any form of hate on the Transit system is totally unacceptable.”

If you encounter a situation relating to the promotion of racism or propaganda, Sgt. Hampton asks that you either privately send a text to 87-77-77, or call 604-515-8300.




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