Hugs and everything else fully vaccinated Canadians can do

Jun 25 2021, 8:41 pm

Federal health officials have put together some information on what Canadians can do once they’re fully vaccinated.

The new directive outlines when to mask up, how to behave indoors, outdoors, and more.

And yes, hugs are back on the table!

The guide serves as a reminder of what measures you should be taking based on your environment and vaccine status.

Fully vaccinated Canadians

Public Health Agency of Canada

Outdoors, no physical distancing or masking is required within a small group of friends and family. However, if you’re in a larger group with people from multiple households, you should consider wearing a mask if everyone is not fully vaccinated.

Indoors, Health Canada suggests reading the room if you’re not fully vaccinated, even if you’re sharing a room with someone who is fully vaccinated.

If everyone in the indoor setting is fully vaccinated, health officials confirm that mask-wearing is unnecessary and it is okay to get close. That includes being close enough to hug.

The usual measures you’ve come to know are still in place if you’re indoors sharing a space with people from multiple households who are not fully vaccinated. Wear a mask, and maintain physical distance.

Health Canada Fully Vaccinated

Public Health Agency of Canada

It is important to note that provinces across Canada might have varying rules that may overrule federal guidance.

Canada currently is ranked as one of the top countries globally for vaccination uptake and ranks first for population percentage with first-doses.

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