West 4th shops are hosting a month of eco-friendly giveaways

Jan 29 2020, 1:32 am

The new year is over and February is approaching fast, which means one thing and one thing only — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

And whether you’re still in the honeymoon period, been with your loved one forever, or are all about that self-love singledom, thinking of the best way to spend your Valentine’s Day can be a challenge.

But don’t stress. This year, Kitsilano is ready to play cupid — with their LOVE on West Fourth campaign.

For each day during February, Shop West 4th’s Instagram will be giving away a Market Bag from much-loved local brand The Bag and a sweatshirt from locally adored brand Brunette the Label’s Valentine Day’s Collection. Think of it as a little arrow from cupid on every day of the month.

And in a timely manner, the theme this year is all about Mother Earth and sustainability. What better way to feel loved than caring about the environment?

Shop West 4th Cupid will be shooting his first arrow on Saturday, February 1 — with 500 locally sourced roses handed out at 4th and Yew in front of the globe art, between noon and 2 pm.

In light of these and other incredible giveaways, we thought we’d shed a light on some of the ways local Kitsilano businesses are doing good for the environment.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream


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People often think that doing their bit for the environment means a huge, overwhelming commitment — like going zero waste or turning vegan. But what it’s really all about is making small, implementable improvements that equal big change in the long run.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream is a great example of this. Ever since it opened, Rain or Shine at Cypress and 4th has been doing its part for the planet by buying green energy from Bullfrog Power. They also only use edible or compostable packaging, so every time you get that incredible ice cream, you know you’re not leaving a big carbon footprint behind.

Leis De Buds


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Leis de Buds at Yew and 4th is one of the newest kids on the Kitsilano block and is making waves with its sustainable focus on flowers. We know what you’re thinking: “Flowers are from the ground, of course they’re good for the environment!” But what you might not realize is that most florists source their flowers from overseas, which isn’t great for sustainability.

Leis de Buds only sources its flowers locally and within North America. The store also takes its sustainability seriously by using plantable seed paper and compostable stem wrap.

Hip Baby


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Babies aren’t excluded from the climate-friendly bandwagon. At least, not in Kits. At Hip Baby, not only are its products extremely adorable, but also sustainable. Here you’ll find disposable cloth diapers that the store has been selling for over 20 years, biodegradable shopping bags, recycled paper, and even a program to recycle your clear plastics.

And that’s not all. In 2009 Hip Baby joined Vancity’s Climate Smart program and reduced its electricity consumption by 25%.



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Kitsilano’s boutique shops are making moves to take care of our planet on a small yet impactful scale, while its bigger stores are able to on a larger scale.

Take trailblazer Patagonia, for example. The environment has always been a major priority for the store, with its mission statement centred around solutions for the environmental crisis. But did you know that every 30 years the company has donated 1% of its sales to grassroots environmental organizations? That’s pretty powerful stuff.

This is the fourth Valentine’s Day that Kitsilano has been visited by cupid, aka LOVE on West 4th. But this year it’s all about making as much change as possible to help with the climate crisis. By visiting some of the awesome stores along 4th Avenue, you could also be doing your bit for the environment. We don’t know about you, but that makes us feel pretty fuzzy inside.

LOVE on West 4th/Shop West 4th

And if you can’t wait until Valentine’s Day to feel the love, make sure you take advantage of Shop West 4th’s giveaways on every day of February. Follow them on Instagram, or check out Shop West 4th’s website for more details!

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