The Week Ahead: How the Sedins and hockey parents can plan ahead

Apr 3 2018, 10:10 pm

The Week Ahead crew hit the road for the first time ever and hosted this week’s episode live from the Red Truck brewery in Vancouver. Our Burrard Roofing and Drainage featured guest was financial manager Carson Hamill, who chatted about planning ahead for hockey (and sports) parents, but of course the day was overshadowed by the Sedins.

The Sedins retirement announcement starts us off

The twins announced their retirement right before we went to air and the new naturally overtook our Burrard Physiotherapy Headlines segment. It was quickly followed by perhaps the sports story of the year from Scott Foster in Chicago (includes audio).

Following an action packed Headlines segment, Jay and I chatted with Carson Hamill of the Scott Moro Wealth Management Group about how hockey (and sports) parents need to plan ahead if they have lofty goals in mind for their kids. Carson and his family have quite the hockey resume and he’s lived everything that he now preaches when it comes to sports and finance.

It’s a very interesting topic that few people thinking because they get so caught up in their children’s success that they continually spend, spend, spend. However, there is a better way to approach the subject and Carson joined us to help point that out.

Following our chat with Carson, we checked out the greatest games in The Week Ahead. Absolutely every game that you need to watch this week was covered and we then capped off the show with some sports marketing chatter. How the local teams are doing with their marketing pushes and what can be done better.

I don’t know why, but we like chatting about that stuff. We hope you like this week’s episode. Enjoy!

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BTW, did you miss our episode with NHL analyst Greg Wyshynski? No problem. Here it is!

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