Spring arrives in BC with another 42 warm weather records broken

Mar 20 2019, 4:43 pm

If Monday and Tuesday’s record-breaking warm temperatures are any indication of what spring is going to be like, count us in.

On Monday, BC saw 32 weather records broken across the province, and Tuesday shattered another 42. Yes, FORTY-TWO.

The Weather Network says that BC is going through a “Mini March heatwave” and the province can expect more mild temperatures for the rest of the week.

Here’s a look at the towns and cities that saw historic high temperatures Tuesday:

  • Abbotsford: 24.5°C (Previous record 20°C, set in 1960)
  • Agassiz: 24.4°C (Previous record 23.7°C, set in 1928)
  • Bella Coola 20.3°C (Previous record 17.3°C, set in 1928)
  • Blue River 16.6°C (Previous record 12.7°C, set in 1998)
  • Burns Lake 14.7°C (Previous record 11.5°C, set in 1998)
  • Cassiar: 12.4°C (Previous record 9°C, set in 1981)
  • Chetwynd: 18.5°C (Previous record 13.3°C, set in 1979)
  • Chilliwack: 24.1°C (Previous record 23.9°C, set in 1928)
  • Clinton: 12.4°C (Previous record 7.9°C, set in 2007)
  • Clearwater: 18.3°C (Previous record 17.8, records began in 1913)
  • Clinton: 13.9°C (Previous record 10°C, set in 2007)
  • Dease Lake: 15.4°C (Previous record 11.1°C, set in 1947)
  • Esquimalt: 20.7°C (Previous record 19.4°C set in 1928)
  • Estevan Point: 19.7°C (Previous record 19.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Fort Nelson: 17°C (Previous record 12.8°C, set in 1947)
  • Hope: 24.1°C (Previous record 12.8°C, set in 1947)
  • Hope Slide area: 16.9°C (Previous record 14.5°C, set in 2016)
  • Kitimat: 17.1°C (Previous record 13.3°C, set in 1960)
  • Mackenzie: 12.6°C (Previous record 11°C , set in 1979)
  • Malahat: 19.2°C (Previous record 14.5°C, set in 1988)
  • Masset: 16.6°C (Previous record 13.9°C, set in 1900)
  • Muncho Lake area: 17.1°C (Previous record 8°C, set in 1998)
  • Nanaimo: 20°C (Previous record 17.8°C set in 1928)
  • Nakusp: 14.1°C (Previous record 12.2°C set in 1915)
  • Pemberton 18°C (Previous record 17.2°C, set in 1928)
  • Pitt Meadows: 23.8°C (Previous record 20°C, set in 1914)
  • Port Hardy area: 18.2°C (Previous record 15°C, set in 1960)
  • Powell River: 18.2°C (Previous record 17.2°C, set in 1928)
  • Prince Rupert: 18.5°C (Previous record 17.2°C, set in 1928)
  • Sechelt: 18.2°C (Previous record 14°C, set in 1960)
  • Squamish: 24.2°C (Previous record 18.9°C, set in 1960)
  • Tatlayoko Lake Area: 17.8°C (Ties record set in 1947)
  • Tetsa River Area: 14.4°C (Previous record 9°C, set in 1984)
  • Tofino: 24.5°C (Previous record 19.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Vancouver: 15.5°C (Previous record 14.5°C, set in 2006)
  • Vanderhoof: 15°C (Previous record 14.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Victoria: 20°C (Previous record 17.8°C, set in 1928)
  • Victoria Gonzales: 21°C (Previous record 19.4°C set in 1928)
  • Victoria Harbour: 20°C (Previous record 16.7°C set in 1878)
  • White Rock: 22.6°C (Previous record 16.9°C, set in 1996)
  • Williams Lake area: 15.7°C (Previous record 13.3°C set in 2015)

The record-breaking streak is far from over.

Environment Canada predicts that it will reach a high of 15°C Wednesday.

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