Wa-Bagel: Japanese-style bagel shop set to open in Vancouver

Mar 28 2023, 4:30 pm

Hot on the heels of opening its new Japanese-style curry spot, Wa! Curry, Aburi Restaurants Canada is launching something new: Wa-Bagel.

Set to serve us bites that embody “Tokyo-meets-New York,” we’re told the bagels from the new name will be chewy, airy, and delicious.

Wa-Bagel will be setting up shop at 666 Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver later this spring.

Dished is told this style of bagel shop is a Canadian first. The new destination will offer both sweet and savoury bagels in an array of flavours and fillings.

“Japanese-style bagels are my favourite type of bagel because they are more light and smaller in-size, often with a filling, similar to another Japanese snack-favourite, the onigiri,” explains Seigo Nakamura, founder and CEO of Aburi Restaurants Canada.

“They are becoming more and more popular in Japan, and there is really nothing like it in Canada yet. I thought it would be a great idea to introduce something new to the Canadian market. There are so many different kinds of flavours. Have you ever had a mochi cheese bagel or a lemon peel and azuki bean bagel? They are delicious!”

The bagels here will be made with Canadian flour and koji-based yeast. There will be 14 flavours of bagels and bagel sandwiches at the launch.

Think red bean paste and cream cheese, sweet potato and black sesame, Aburi Market’s fresh-cut salmon lox & scallion cream cheese, and bacon with miso and cheese, to name a few.

For sips expect coffee, tea, and more.





Wa-Bagel Head Baker Yukiko Iikura actually founded her own popular bagel shop in Japan named Kepo Bagels.

“I love baking and I also love chewy-textured things and WA-BAGEL’s dough features the texture and aroma of mochi,” explains Iikura.

“In Japan, we use many different types of flavours and fillings for our bagels, and we’ll definitely be using some very Canadian-inspired ingredients in some of our options. I’m very excited as Canada has some of the best flour in the world, and we’ll get to use it in our bagels.”


Seigo Nakamura and Yukiko Iikura at her Kepo Bagels in Japan

Wa-Bagel’s interior will be created by Japanese interior designer, Takahiro Ibe, who is aiming for “a unique bagel kitchen meets ‘urban’ forest feel.”

The 1,887 sq ft spot will launch as a counter service destination offering takeout and delivery options.

Folks looking to dine in can always take their food across the hallway and find a spot in the building’s communal concourse as well.

We’ll keep you posted on an exact opening date! In the meantime, check out our huge list of new Vancouver restaurants set to open soon.


Address: 666 Burrard Street, Vancouver

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