Stabbings, robberies, assaults: Police say Vancouver had a violent weekend

Jan 10 2022, 8:11 pm

Editor’s Note: Daily Hive has removed a reference to race from a suspect description, provided by Vancouver Police. Daily Hive is committed to working to advance racial equity in our reporting and this reference was not an example of that. 

Vancouver saw a surge in violent incidents on the weekend, according to police, who say they were stretched to all corners of the city.

On Monday, January 10, Sergeant Steve Addison with the Vancouver Police Department shared a long list of recent violent calls.

“From the downtown core to the South Slope, and from East Van to the west side, VPD officers were called on to investigate multiple violent crimes,” said Addison. “These included commercial robberies, stranger assaults, road rages, and several stabbings.”

If you are a victim of a crime or have information about a crime, you’re asked to call the police so that VPD can investigate. You can call 911 for emergencies, reach VPD’s non-emergency line at 604-717-3321, and even report some incidents online.

Here’s a look at some of the most violent and unusual calls the VPD responded to over the weekend:

Downtown Vancouver violent crimes

Cab driver assault

Police say a 43-year-old man has been charged with assault with a weapon, uttering threats, and possession of a weapon after a traumatic incident where a 55-year-old cab driver was injured after their passenger threatened them and forced them to drive from Richmond to Downtown Vancouver.

“The cabbie was allegedly ordered to drive through red lights and veer into oncoming traffic by the passenger, who appeared paranoid and thought people were following him,” said police, who arrested the suspect near the London Drugs on Granville and Georgia Street.

Assault over mask-wearing

A man in the West End was injured after being allegedly attacked with a knife by a neighbour.

VPD said they got a few 911 calls on Saturday afternoon about an argument in the hallway and believe that the victim confronted the suspect in the elevator of the Pendrell Street apartment over not wearing a mask.

“The 56-year-old suspect allegedly threatened and assaulted the victim, who did not suffer life-threatening injuries,” said police. “The suspect has been charged with assault with a weapon and uttering threats.”

Granville Street stabbing

While patrolling Granville Street, VPD says their officers found a “39-year-old man badly injured and bleeding heavily from a stab wound to the neck around 4:40 pm Saturday.”

Police are still investigating the incident, and they think that the victim was stabbed in a nearby apartment building and walked outside before they collapsed on the sidewalk. No arrests were made and the victim was taken to hospital and is expected to survive.

East Vancouver violent crimes

Fast-food robbery

Police say a 23-year-old fast-food employee “had to defend himself with a bread knife after a man smashed the front door, jumped the counter, grabbed him by the neck, then stole the cash register during a Saturday afternoon robbery on Powell Street.”

The victim was not seriously hurt and the suspect fled before police arrived. However, police say their “investigators were able to track him to an apartment building near East Hastings Street and Campbell Avenue,” and he was arrested for robbery.

International Village incident

Kelvin Beddows was arrested and charged with mischief and assault after they allegedly walked into International Village on Saturday night. They were bleeding from the hand and kicking over signs as they smeared blood on railings and flicked it at security guards.

Police recognized him from previous incidents after reviewing security footage, and he remains in custody.

Chronic offender charged

Jason Fish, a chronic offender with 128 prior criminal convictions, was arrested and charged with robbery.

Police say they were called around 5:30 pm on Saturday after a man waiting in his car on Abbot Street near Stadium SkyTrain Station was approached by the suspect.

The suspect allegedly climbed into the man’s truck bed, flashed a knife, demanded money, and threatened to slash the driver’s tires.

Vancouver West Side violent crimes

VGH violence

Police say that a 36-year-old Marpole man was driving near the Vancouver General Hospital on Saturday afternoon when he was attacked after slamming the breaks to avoid a pedestrian who had darted in front of him.

Then, the pedestrian became enraged and hit the vehicle.

“She then punched the man repeatedly, broke his glasses, and sprayed an unknown substance in his face,” said police, who say their suspect – a woman in her forties –fled before they arrived.

Bear sprayed at a house party

An Oakridge house party was soured after the host was assaulted with bear spray after someone unknown to them tried to get into the house early on Sunday morning.

“Investigators believe the suspect tried to follow a number of people into the house, where about 15 people were gathered,” said police.

“When the 21-year-old host refused to let the person in, he was sprayed in the face.”

When VPD officers arrived, they broke up the party and offered help to the victim.

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