Today is your last day to vote in advance in the BC election

Oct 21 2020, 9:36 am

While election day in BC is this Saturday, October 24, voters unable to make it to the polls that day can still vote in advance, but only until 8 pm today.

Advance voting opened across the province last Thursday, and today is the last day advance polls are open.

For those still planning to cast their vote in advance, Elections BC is reminding people that “some advance voting places may not be open on every advance voting day.”

As such, before heading to their local polling station, voters are reminded to ensure their station is open using the Elections BC guide.

Anyone voting in person can expect capacity limits at the voting place, protective barriers, hand sanitizing stations, and increased sanitization protocols around frequently touched surfaces.

Physical distancing measures will also be in place, and election officials (who are trained on safe workplace guidelines and pandemic protocols) will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask when they vote and will not be asked to remove it.

Instead of signing a voting book, you’ll now make a verbal declaration of your eligibility to vote. Election officials will direct you on where to go next, and you’ll be asked to sanitize your hands before and after voting.

All you need to bring with you is acceptable ID that shows your name and address. You can also bring your Where to Vote card if you received it in the mail, and, if you want, your own pen or pencil to mark your ballot.

According to Elections BC, over 472,000 advance ballots have already been cast in this election.