A VIA train from Toronto to Vancouver is 40 hours behind schedule

Dec 21 2019, 2:36 pm

Mechanical problems made for a longer than expected journey for more than a hundred VIA Rail passengers this week.

VIA Rail’s train 1 left Toronto on December 18 heading for Vancouver. But at some point in Northern Ontario, the train suffered a problem with its propulsion motors overheating, a company spokesperson told Daily Hive.

As a result, the train is now running 40 hours behind schedule.

All 151 passengers on the train disembarked in Sudbury and stayed overnight on December 18. The train is now on its way again, but it won’t make its scheduled arrival in Vancouver at 8 am December 22.

“We can’t predict a specific arrival time at the western stations at this point, since the train could partly make up for lost time along its route,” VIA spokesperson Karl-Philip Marchand Giguere said in an email.

He added that VIA realizes passengers will have to adjust their travel plans due to the “unfortunate” situation.

“All our staff is dedicated to do their very best to support our customers during this busy holiday period.”