10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants you haven't tried yet

May 9 2017, 4:50 am

There are the vegan and vegetarian restaurants that everyone knows about, and then there are a few spots that might not be on your radar if you’re hunting for meatless eats in Vancouver. Here are 10 vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in Vancouver you may not have tried yet.

1. Sun Bo Kong

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Cantonese-style dim sum and dishes that are all vegetarian, and many vegan, too? Score! Soups, sticky rice, dinner combos, hot pot, fried rice, and more at this spot on Kingsway.

Address: 1363 Kingsway, Vancouver

2. The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

Head to North Vancouver to check out Workshop Cafe, a beautiful space boasting fresh pastries, a coffee bar, and Japanese-inspired noodles…all vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options.

Address: 296 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver

3. Dharma Kitchen

Named in honour of the tenent of the “Buddhist philosophy and of a Buddhist’s way of life,” Dharma Kitchen is a fully vegan restaurant on West Broadway. You’ll find rice bowls, tempeh burgers, salads, and an array of savoury tofu main dishes here.

Address: 3667 West Broadway, Vancouver

4. Shizen Ya

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Although Shizen Ya isn’t strictly vegetarian–they serve fish–they offer a complete vegetarian menu of brown rice sushi-style rolls and salads, as well as quinoa-based veggie dishes. Visit either of their two Vancouver locations to enjoy light, fresh, satisfying health-minded Japanese fare.

Address: 965 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Address: 1102 W.Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram: @shizenya_restaurant

5. Lotus Seed Vegetarian

Salads, wraps, sandwiches, bowls, sushi, baked burritos, and hearty mains are what Lotus Seed serves up a selection of daily, all vegetarian. Lotus Seed is all about holistic health, and have earned a rep for good quality and affordable meat-free eats.

Address: 180-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver

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6. Vegan Pizza House

People in the know definitely know that Vegan Pizza House is the OG Vancouver go-to for dairy and meat-free ‘zas. With a menu of toppings and pies that feature all sorts of delicious fresh veg, meat and cheese substitutes, and their vegan crust, Vegan Pizza House has been helping vegans enjoy pizza locally for years.

Address: 2119 Kingsway, Vancouver

7. Veggiebowl

Veggiebowl joins the ranks of the cluster of vegan and vegetarian-friendly and focused spots on Kingsway, serving up meatless dishes in the Vietnamese style. Feast on spring and salad rolls, noodles, rice dishes, and salads all made with fresh herbs and veggies.

Address: 2222 Kingsway, Vancouver

8. 3G Vegetarian Restaurant

Another option for indulging in vegetarian dim sum and Chinese dishes, 3G on Cambie is a popular choice for locals. They do all the siu mai and all the har gow, with none of the meat.

Address: 3424 Cambie Street, Vancouver

9. Vegan Pudding

It’s all in the name here: Vegan Pudding. With flavours like Matcha Green Tea, Roasted Black Sesame, Earl Grey, Strawberry, and their Original Vanilla, it will be hard to remember these treats are made without any animal products.

Address: #101-422 Richards Street, Vancouver

10. MELU Juice & Health Bar

While many may be familiar with MELU’s juices and smoothies, their Coal Harbour shop features their signature raw, vegetarian or vegan “health bars,” for a bit of a treat, as well as things like chia puddings, overnight oats, fresh salads, and raw vegan mains (like “Undercover Spaghetti,” made with zucchini noodles).

Address: 1110 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @melujuice

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