Vancouver set for snowy winter following latest La Niña forecast

Sep 19 2017, 1:15 am

Vancouver could be in for another epic snowy winter if the latest predictions of La Niña in the Pacific Northwest prove true.

The US National Weather Service’s Climate Predictions Centre says there is now a 55%-60% chance La Niña will hit us this fall and winter.

The La Niña weather pattern happens when the Walker Circulation, which moves the water and air heated by the sun, accelerates.

This pushes warm water in the equatorial Pacific much farther west than usual, allowing colder waters to drive weather patterns.

During this colder period in the Pacific, there is a much greater likelihood that British Columbians will experience a cold fall and winter.

And as we all know, that could lead to one hell of an awesome ski and snowboarding season, as well as some serious snowfall in Metro Vancouver.

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In fact, snow has already starting falling in parts of BC this week. And of course, that includes WhistlerBlackcomb.

This was the view from the Roundhouse this morning.

Snow on WhistlerBlackcomb as of September 18, 2017 (WhistlerBlackcomb)

Snow on WhistlerBlackcomb as of September 18, 2017 (WhistlerBlackcomb)

And Cypress Mountain is already getting excited:

Sounds like a perfect excuse to hunker down and stock up on new snowboarding gear/winter tires/hot chocolate!

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