Sunshine returns to Vancouver for the entire week

Jul 25 2017, 1:08 am

Good news sunseekers! Last week may have turned unexpectedly raincouver-ish but this week, the sun is back in Vancouver for you to bask in once more.

According to Environment Canada, although Monday might see some cloud, the rest of the week will be bright sunshine through and through.

Temperatures are set to begin at 23°C on Monday, rising to 26°C by the weekend.

A word of caution though – Accuweather doesn’t have such an optimistic forecast, with much of the week’s sun being tempered by cloud.

However, Accuweather does predict a high of 27°C on Tuesday and Saturday, so those clouds might not matter that much.

The Weather Channel predicts has some cloud peeking through intermittently this week, with a high of 26°C on Wednesday.

Cloud or not, we think it’s a fair bet that it’s time to get the grill out, head to the beach, and bask in the warmth of Vancouver once more.

Happy sunbaking!

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