Vancouver's Trump Tower supporters strike back with 5-star Google reviews

Jan 18 2017, 10:43 pm

You know what they say – never underestimate the opposition.

So whoever is writing 1-star Google reviews for Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver should probably take note – Trump supporters are striking back.

Since Daily Hive reported on the 1-star reviews for the as-yet unopened Trump Tower, a fight back has begun, with several users giving the hotel a 5-star rating.

The reviews begin politically, as you would expect…

“Got a great price – winning. Arrived at such a winning location. Checking in was really easy, it felt like more winning,” writes Shawn Alain.

“My hotel room had this award winning view of Vancouver. Had a winning night’s sleep. Breakfast was so delicious, what a win!”

“By the time I left I was winning so much that I was getting tired of winning.”

The Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver (The Holborn Group)

The Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver (The Holborn Group)

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However, some of the 5-star reviews seem less connected to the president-elect and more to do with imaginary hotel services:

Indeed, one lengthy review by user Matt Blanchette recounts being “massaged like a God of Olympus” in the parking garage, before ending simply:

“Best described as pure bliss, or perhaps Babylon… It’s as if they took every amazing idea I would have had personally and put it into a hotel. BRAVO DONALD TRUMP AND YOUR AMAZING HOTEL. BRAVO INDEED.”

Of course, we should note, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver is not owned by Trump or anyone in his family. They just sold the name to the developers.

Of course, that’s not stopping anyone, with one passionate Trump supporter all but abandoning any pretence of reviewing the actual hotel:

“What a relaxing time here! It was a great experience for me because I didn’t have to run into any Liberal, entitled, freeloading leeches who love to complain, are easily offended/triggered and hate the fact they actually have to do something for themselves, yet readily expecting handouts in life,” writes Derp O. “Probably why they can’t afford this place.”

Well, now. Call it evens?

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