Vancouver Transit Police issue Squid Game-related PSA on Twitter

Oct 21 2021, 10:18 pm

The Vancouver Transit Police are hopping aboard the Squid Game hype train, after putting out a lighthearted warning to transit users on Twitter.

If for some reason you have not yet watched an episode of the South Korean survival drama, (without spoiling too much) it revolves around a game where contestants have a chance to win loads of money.

Squid Game has quickly become Netflix’s most-watched series to date.

The tweet from Metro Vancouver Transit Police says, “If this man approaches you at a SkyTrain Station, please let Transit Police know right away!”

Thankfully, as the hashtag indicates, it isn’t a real public service announcement from the Transit Police, just another Squid Game meme.

The picture in question in the tweet is of actor Gong Yoo, who plays a salesman that recruits people to play the game. Definitely avoid anyone who tries to do that to you.

Squid Game is quickly morphing into a cultural phenomenon around the world.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the show that cost just over $20 million to make had generated nearly a billion dollars in revenue by October.

To put that further into context, the show only launched in mid-September.

While most Twitter users seem to appreciate the post, not everyone is a fan.

Apparently someone else is cashing in on the Squid Game hype in the city, as Squid Game cards have been found left on cars in Metro Vancouver.

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