Someone 'converted' this Vancouver rental into a 4-bedroom place by simply drawing over the blueprints

Mar 11 2019, 9:46 pm

Look, we all know the current Vancouver rental market is, to put it mildly, less than ideal.

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With new reports surfacing on a seemingly regular basis on the topic of just how much it costs to live here, it’s fair to say that many people are looking to cut costs wherever and however they can, ie: living with roommates.

And hey, sometimes it even seems like landlords are willing to help out by offering up places that have numerous bedrooms to help everyone save a little bit of cash.

Of course, sometimes it’s also worth a second look.

Case in point: A rental offering that recently surfaced on Facebook Marketplace looks like a decent deal – just over $2,150 for a four-bedroom place? Not bad – especially for a place around the city’s Little Mountain neighbourhood.

But hold up, let’s take a closer look at this listing:

Β The suite is ideal for people looking to save on accomodations (sic).

Okay, so far, so good. What else you got?

It has been converted to allow 4 separate small bedrooms to be setup therefore allowing each person to only pay just around $550/month in rent after adding utilities.

Ooo, the price is right – but what do you mean by “converted?” Well, let’s check out these *ahem” floor plans, shall we?


The “converted” floor plans of the rental offering. (Facebook Marketplace.)

Sure, at a first, quick glance, everything may look legit – until you look a little closer.

There, hand-scribbled above the official blueprints after-the-fact is what appears the “updated’ design, with all four bedrooms and everything.

To be fair, the listing notes that “the place was not originally intended as a 4-bedroom.”

However, structural, fire, and building regulations (or even the use of rulers) be damned, this 800-sq-ft unit now shines with what are indeed four beds drawn on the original blueprints.

And while that may seem like close quarters to share with other people (three of them no less with one bathroom to share), don’t forget the perks that come with calling this place home.

From the listing:

The property is located on Main Street which allows easy transit to downtown and is walking distance to various shopping, restaurants, grocery stores, and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Well, it’s hard to argue with that. And hey, the place is pet-friendly as well!

Although where your pets will actually fit comfortably in the home is left entirely up to you.