Vancouver's population took a hit last year, but BC sees overall growth (MAP)

Jan 14 2022, 11:29 pm

Since 2020, BC’s population has grown while Vancouver’s has shrunk, according to the latest quarterly Statistics Canada data.

The population of BC at the end of 2020 was estimated by the agency to be 5,156,587. A year later, it was estimated to be at 5,249,635 – an overall gain of 93,048 residents.

In Vancouver, between 2020 and 2021, the population estimate dropped from 700,015 to 693,235 – an overall loss of 6,780 residents.

Census mapper Jens von Bergmann shared a visualization of the new Statistics Canada data showing intra-provincial migration.

“It’s quite illuminating how the “arrival cities” of Toronto and Vancouver shed population to their surrounding regions,” they wrote on their Twitter.

Adding to the recent Statistics Canada data, U-Haul recently showed that people were moving to BC from other parts of Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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