Vancouver resident receives $4,600 in fines after hosting a house party two nights in a row

Dec 14 2020, 2:43 pm

Vancouver Police issued four $2,300 tickets this weekend in downtown Vancouver for illegal house parties – including two to the same party host within a 24-hour period.

In a release, police said that on Friday night, officers responded to a “noisy” house party in Yaletown with 10 people in attendance. The host was given a ticket and the party was dispersed.

Then, just after midnight that same night, police responded to a party on the 58th floor of a building on West Georgia Street. The tenant of the unit was issued a ticket.

Police then responded to two other calls in the same building – one on Saturday night and then again on Sunday, and both calls were for the same unit.

“On Saturday night, there were 10 people at the party. On Sunday, there were 14 partygoers,” police said. “In addition to breaking the rules around gatherings, none of the people in the suite were wearing masks or practicing physical distancing.”

The tenant received two tickets – one for each night.

Earlier this month, BC’s restrictions on all community events and gatherings were extended through Christmas and into the new year.

The order – which first came into effect in late November – includes gatherings at hotels, restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and cinemas.

Currently, provincial restrictions around public gatherings, events and people visiting each other’s households are in effect until midnight of January 8, 2021.