The Vancouver Police Department is coming to Alberta to recruit

Jan 19 2023, 10:45 pm

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) wants to grow its numbers and they are looking to do so in Alberta with three stops planned this winter.

The first will be in Calgary when they come to the Bow Valley College Career Fair at the Main Campus from 11 am to 2 pm on February 1.

Next, the Vancouver Police Department will be at the University of Alberta on February 7 for its Spring Hiring Fair.

Finally, the VPD will be in Fort McMurray on February 8 and 9.

Sgt. Terry Parmar with the Vancouver Police Department says the reason for the push in Alberta comes from a promise made during the mayoral campaigns.

“Our mayor Ken Sims, in his election campaign, promised to increase our police membership. And so since he’s become mayor of our city, we have been now allowed to hire over 100 new officers over the next year to help support our city and our the civilians that live here,” said Parmar.

“So we are on a campaign hiring spree right now to find the best male or female applicant who is willing to take on the call to become a Vancouver Police officer.”

Parmar says when they do something like this there isn’t a lot of communication with the local police departments. He also says they are looking for different levels of experience in their new hires.

“We are looking for the young person that wants to make that change and come over to Vancouver and start that new life,” he explains.

“And we’re also looking for that experienced officer either from a regime from Alberta and they wanted to make that change or, one of the biggest things, a lot of people that lived in the Lower Mainland and maybe got hired by a different municipality or a federal agency that may have got positioned in Alberta may want to come back home. One of our biggest things is we want to bring some people back home who want to come back home and work for the VPD.”

According to its website, the Vancouver Police Department has 1,348 sworn officers and Sgt. Parmar says there are openings in multiple different areas where new recruits can work their way up.

“There are so many differences within our city there are so many different areas that each little section is like a city on its own. So it’s you’re never old with work. There’s always something new and exciting with us.”

Parmar says that those interested should pay attention to the VPD’s social media channels for the latest updates.

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