20 fastest-growing jobs in Canada gaining popularity in 2023

Jan 18 2023, 7:28 pm

They say in business, you have to be first. Regarding career trends, now is your chance to be ahead of the curve by applying for these jobs that are growing in demand in 2023.

In a new report called LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2023: The 20 Canadian roles that are growing in demand, LinkedIn shared the 20 fastest-growing jobs in Canada to show jobseekers where the next great career opportunity could be.

“Despite economic uncertainty and global hiring slowing down, a recent global survey from LinkedIn reveals that 60% of professionals are considering a new job this year – driven by the desire for bigger salaries as the cost-of-living increases,” said LinkedIn.

“The survey found that 38% desire higher pay while also revealing that 30% are looking to pursue a better work-life balance,” the platform said.

And while most of Canada is headed for a recession, overall, the job market is not expected to experience an employment decline.

Here are the top 20 fastest-growing jobs in Canada according to LinkedIn:

  1. Growth Marketing Manager
  2. Product Operations Manager
  3. Dispensary Technician
  4. Technical Program Manager
  5. Sustainability Manager
  6. Head of Growth
  7. User Experience Writer
  8. Information Technology Associate
  9. Site Reliability Engineer
  10. Customer Success Associate
  11. Valuation Analyst
  12. Sales Development Representative
  13. Security Engineer
  14. Data Engineer
  15. Ecommerce Coordinator
  16. Technical Product Manager
  17. Cyber Security Specialist
  18. Crew Scheduler
  19. Medical Writer
  20. Media Planner

You can find the full report available online, and it’s worth a read because it features links to open positions, average salaries, remote work options, and the top skills for each role, plus free LinkedIn Learning courses.

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