This library is just as obsessed with Pedro Pascal as the rest of us

Apr 24 2023, 10:50 pm

When it comes to our love for The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal, it seems no one is immune to his charm.

The Vancouver Public Library, however, might be the one fan we weren’t expecting.

But with the show soon set to start filming season two in the city, should we be surprised that the folks behind the library’s social media are obviously Pascal stans?

The library took to social media to do an unlikely crossover: Pedro Pascal as VPL Branches. Vancouver Pedro PascalThe South Hill branch (VPL/Twitter)

It seems to not only be a vibe match but fashion/aesthetic as well, matching the actor’s iconic fashion looks to the features of the branches throughout the city, and already it’s very popular among library fans.

“That’s our branch! Love it! ❤️” one person wrote on Facebook about the South Hill branch look. 

Vancouver Library Pedro Pascal

South Hill branch (VPL/Twitter)

“Hahaha I love this, very creative!!!!!” another person wrote about the idea.

Vancouver Pedro Pascal

Collingwood branch (VPL/Twitter)

Collingwood branch might be the most whimsical among them, with its baby blue exterior set side by side with a colourful shirt and joyful pose.

Considering Pascal is pretty popular for his sweater choices, it’s nice to see some of his wilder looks get the limelight.

Vancouver Pedro Pascal


It seems like lots of people are happy with their local branch match-up.

“Spot! On!” One person wrote about the look for the high fashion and classic West Point Grey Branch look.

Vancouver Pedro Pascal

Joe Fortes (VPL/Twitter)

The Joe Fortes branch is smooth and sultry if we can extrapolate from the pose and sweater the star is sporting in the photo.

But not everyone approves.

“No no, he has too many clothes on for the JFS vibe,” one person wrote.

Vancouver Pedro Pascal

Fraserview branch (VPL/Twitter)

Do you like this look for the Fraserview branch?

Vancouver Pedro Pascal

The Firehall Branch (VPL/Twitter)

While this could be considered a smokin’ shot of Pascal, we might have liked to have seen the actor in an outfit more fitting to be Mr. February for the Hall of Flame calendar for the Firehall branch look.

Vancouver Pedro Pascal

The Hastings branch (VPL/Twitter)

“This is a really good vibe match for that branch,” one person wrote about the Hastings branch.

Vancouver Pedro Pascal

The Dunbar branch (VPL/Twitter)

We hope that these spots are added to potential filming locations this year when the star is set to film in the city. We rounded up our choices for the best places that could serve as a backdrop for the sequel based on the video game of the same name.

What do you think of the hype? Let us know in the comments.

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