Vancouver locations that make sense for "The Last of Us" season two (PHOTOS)

Apr 21 2023, 11:44 pm

If you’ve been wondering what Vancouver locations The Last of Us season two might be filming at, so have we.

It has been almost a month since Vancouver received the amazing news that season two of the hit HBO series would be filming in Hollywood North.

Reports suggest that the next season will be based on the sequel to the hit PlayStation video game from Naughty Dog, The Last of Us Part II.

That game could provide clues on what locations The Last of Us production crews may set up in Vancouver.

For those unfamiliar with the game, the events of The Last of Us Part II primarily take place in Seattle, Washington. However, the game spans various other locations as well which, includes mountainous, snowy regions,

Pinnacle Theatre

last of us vancouver

The Last of Us Wiki

A large portion of the game takes place in the Pinnacle Theatre. However, several spots in Metro Vancouver could serve as adequate stand-ins.

One of those spots is the Paramount in New West.

Google Maps

It lacks the sizeable vertical signage connected to the theatre, like in the game. Paramount was also featured in the It miniseries from 1990.

Granville Street has no shortage of signage, and the Vogue Theatre would also work well as a stand-in.

the last of us

Google Maps

SoundView Stadium/Lumen Field

last of us vancouver

The Last of Us Wiki

SoundView Stadium is a fictitious stadium based on the real-life Lumen Field in Seattle.

There are some obvious choices for filming in Vancouver, though it’ll likely require some CGI too.

Those obvious choices include BC Place and Rogers Arena. BC Place would be better thanks to the retractable roof, which would better replicate the feel of the stadium in the game.

BC Place was also used in the 2014 film Godzilla, and in that film, the stadium was used similarly to the way SoundView is used in the game as a base camp following a disaster.

last of us vancouver

Godzilla (2014). (Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros)

Jackson County, Wyoming

last of us vancouver

The Last of Us Wiki

A portion of The Last of Us Part II takes place in a version of Jackson County.

While the time in Jackson is short-lived, some pivotal moments occur here. The depiction of Jackson in the game also bears a pretty striking resemblance to the Burnaby Village Museum.

last of us vancouver


The museum is also frequently used for movie and TV shoots.

There’s also a critical moment inside a music or event venue in Jackson, which looks much like a Vancouver venue.

Here’s the shot from the game.

The Last of Us Wiki

And here’s a shot of the interior of the Wise Hall in East Vancouver.

last of us vancouver

Amir Ali/Daily Hive

With some fancy string lights, it shouldn’t be too hard to transform many venues into that spot from Jackson if they decide to recreate it in season two.

Seattle Waterfront Aquarium

last of us vancouver

The Last of Us Wiki

One spot that should be an easy place for Vancouver to replicate in season two is the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium, another important location for the story of The Last of Us Part II.

The aquarium features, well, obviously an aquarium, but also a mini outdoor theme park that includes a Ferris Wheel. A big production like The Last of Us should be able to bring in a Ferris wheel essentially anywhere.

The Vancouver Aquarium is an obvious choice to replicate scenes from inside the aquarium in the game. Still, there’s one part of the aquarium where UBC might be the better choice.

last of us locations

The Last of Us Wiki

Does the room above remind you of somewhere?

This scrapes the surface of potential spots where we might see The Last of Us season two production crews filming as long as they stick to the second game’s story.

If you’ve got ideas, comment below. And if you’d like to learn more about the second game, visit The Last of Us Wiki.

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