Park Board spending $40,000 to stop birds from flying into its office windows

Jul 12 2017, 7:54 am

Vancouver Park Board Commissioners have approved an expenditure of up to $40,000 to retrofit the Park Board Administration Building in Stanley Park with new windows that help prevent bird collisions.

The project was approved on Monday night and would consist of covering the windows at the Park Board office building at 2099 Beach Avenue with small dots so that birds will avoid flying into windows.

According to a staff report, a trial project in fall 2015 conducted by Bird Studies Canada found that the windows with dots successfully deterred potentially lethal collisions. Researchers found evidence of at least 12 bird strikes on all sides of the building with the exception to the windows where dots were applied.

Funding for the project will come from the City of Vancouver’s corporate sponsorship fund.

The Park Board building on the southwestern point of Stanley Park, across from the lawn bowling club, houses both the offices of Park Board staff and the chamber where Commissioners deliberate. Its location, surrounded by trees and gardens, contributes to a high number of bird collisions on its large windows.

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