Vancouver Park Board will no longer play music at some pools and fitness centres

Jul 28 2018, 12:37 am

Various pools and fitness centres in the city will no longer play background music after the “many patron complaints” about it that have been received by the Vancouver Park Board (VPB).

The change will take effect August 1 at 15 fitness facilities and nine indoor pools throughout the city.

According to the VPB, “many patrons with audio sensitivities and hearing concerns are not feeling welcome in our facilities. We have made this policy change to address many patron complaints ranging from type of music to volume.”

In making the decision, the VPB’s Director of Recreation, Donnie Rosa told Daily Hive that “inclusion is such a priority.”

The VPB said that its frontline staff “frequently receive complaints and mediate conflicts” over background music.

Complaints have ranged from “the music being too loud or not loud enough to disagreements as to the music choice/station.”

As a result, staff are preparing to end all background music in these facilities as of August 1.

“By providing a neutral environment, we hope to eliminate conflicts and ensure everyone feels welcome.”

While music choice and volume is a personal taste, “some people prefer to work out in silence,” the VPB said. “Individuals who wish to listen to music are encouraged to use personal music devices with headsets.”

The board noted that its decision does not apply to fitness facilities run by Community Centre Associations, but “they have been informed and encouraged to consider this a best practice for fitness operations.”

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