Vancouver Park Board completes six new playgrounds

Jan 19 2021, 7:37 pm

Six locations across Vancouver have received new playground facilities as part of the Vancouver Park Board’s ongoing strategy of renewing aging playgrounds.

New playgrounds have already opened at Cedar Cottage, Charleson, Jones, Kaslo, and Pandora parks, and another new facility will open at the Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre in the Downtown Eastside.

The Ray-Cam playground, opening this Thursday, features a custom treehouse around a sequoia tree and a netted tunnel that wraps around half the tree trunk, as well as a First Nations eagle carved by a local resident to “keep children safe.”

The already opened Charleson Park playground features a play structure shaped like a pirate ship.

Ray Cam playground

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre playground. (Vancouver Park Board)

Charleson Park playground

Charleson Park playground. (Vancouver Park Board)

Charleson Park playground Vancouver

Layout of the new playground at Charleson Park. (Vancouver Park Board)

In July 2019, the Park Board approved a contract worth $4.5 million to construct new playgrounds at seven locations, including several of the aforementioned sites. Each playground was expected to cost between $375,000 and $875,000.

“Updating our playgrounds is an ongoing priority for the Park Board. Playgrounds are obviously really fun places where kids can spend time,” said Camil Dumont, the chair of Park Board, in a statement.

“They also serve as a space where children develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills. The playgrounds at Ray-Cam and Charleson Park will help serve the students at the nearby preschool and elementary schools as well, which is really great.”

Currently, there are 160 playgrounds within the Park Board’s jurisdiction.

There are also plans to provide the playgrounds in Ash, Beaconsfield, Brewers, Champlain Heights, Granville, William Mackie, and Winona parks with upgrades. Two preschool play areas are also in the works at Trout Lake and Thunderbird community centres.

In recent years, the provincial government has also been funding the replacement of aging school playgrounds across BC.

Kalso Park playground

Kaslo Park playground. (Vancouver Park Board)

Ray Cam playground

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre playground. (Vancouver Park Board)

Cedar Cottage Park playground

Cedar Cottage Park playground. (Vancouver Park Board)

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