Vancouver Park Board responds to city's Langara Golf Course proposal

Mar 15 2018, 6:21 pm

The City of Vancouver passed a motion on Wednesday to approach the Vancouver Park Board (VPB) and explore options surrounding the conversion of some of Langara Golf Course into alternative park use, including a track and field facility, wetlands, and trail networks.

There was just one problem: Apparently, the VPB wasn’t aware of the idea.

On Thursday, the VPB released a statement saying it was “not aware” that this “significant motion” would be presented at the meeting.

“We will need time to meet as a Board to discuss the proposal in detail,” said VPB Chair, Stuart Mackinnon. “We will be in a position to provide an official response once we’ve convened on this matter.”

The original motion was put forward by Mayor Gregor Robertson and council – voting within party lines – approved the motion.

Staff have been asked to seek potential partnership opportunities with neighbouring Langara College, YMCA, and the provincial government, in relation to the use of their lands immediately adjacent to the golf course.

This is all dependent on the Park Board seeing eye-to-eye with Vision Vancouver, as the VPB has jurisdiction over city-owned golf courses.

Robertson said Langara Golf Course is the worst performing of the three big golf course in terms of revenue and suggested the size of the golf course be reduced from its existing 18-hole configuration to a nine-hole executive course to accommodate new park space.

Map of Langara Golf Course. (City of Vancouver)

“We as a City have more golf holes per capita than any city in Canada right now. We have public golf courses and private golf courses, there’s already a fantastic array of golfing opportunities,” said Robertson. “This is one that has lagged and it is not in fact a park right now. It is not designated as a park, it’s not used as a park, and there’s minimal access.”

With files from Kenneth Chan

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