Here are 30 new murals from the Vancouver Mural Festival 2017 (PHOTOS)

Aug 14 2017, 11:20 pm

Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood has a new look following last week’s second annual Vancouver Mural Festival, with more than 40 new murals painted onto the walls of the city.

The festival took place from Monday, August 7 to Saturday, August 12, and had local and visiting artists bringing new life and colour to huge, blank canvases. The festival featured live music, a flash tattoo pop-up, a street party, and panels featuring many of the painters.

Here are a few of the new murals that went up around the city, though more can be discovered by visiting all the locations on this map.

Sarah Delaney–”Findings On Main”

If you are crusing up Main Street and you see a pink glow in the distance… keep your eyes on the road, because safety first ✌🏻

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Loretta Lizio and Cam Scale

Johnnie Christmas–”Keep Vancouver Wet”

Ben Frey–”‘Spacious’ as a Concept”

Oksada Gaidasheva–”Twin Lions”

Emily Gray–”Ode to the Ocean”

Day 7 – Mural Heaven. . . . .. . . . . . . . .#octopus #vanmuralfest #arttakesover #wip

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Andrew Tavukciyan–”Abstraction”

Ghia Collective–”Community Tree”

Jill Stanton–”Blue Vines”

Sharifah Marsden and Corey Laroque–”Zhawenjigewin (Love in Anishinaabe)”

Finished our mural with 3.5 days on a boom 💥 #boom #vancouvermuralfestival #anishinaabe #geometric #cree #needavacation #done

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Fiona Ackerman–”A Tribute to the Wild”

Will Phillips–”Digital Renaissance”

Marat Morik–”One Day Collage”

Sandeep Johal–”Girls are Fierce as Tigers”

No Fun City is getting a makeover! Big thanks to the VMF crew for working so hard in bringing art to the streets, raising the visibility of local talent, and making art more accessible to the public. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of @vanmuralfest 2017. . Thanks also to the @cityofvancouver @mountpleasantbia, the building and business owners, sponsors, #duluxpaints, the artists, volunteers, and anyone else who worked with VMF to bring their ambitious vision to life. #ittakesavillage . Huge thanks to @crissyarseneau @jenleannec for your blood, sweat, and tears. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to @adropofwonderstudio and @katiebrennan_ca for additional assistance. . Thank you to @chutneyvilla for feeding us (go eat there). . Thank you to my husband Chris for pretty much everything and to @allymcleod and #reneejespersen for watching my wild baby man. . Thanks to all of my friends, old and new, and to all of the people I met this week who were so incredibly supportive of and thankful for our work. And a shout out to the brown community for all the love. . My mural is on the side of @chutneyvilla at 147 East Broadway between Main and Quebec! #fierceliketigers

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Brother Jopa–”Stay Yummy”

✅ @vanmuralfest

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Francis Tiffany–”vancouver Summer Fun”

Priscilla Yu–”Befriend Your Inner Demon”

Laura Bifano–”Alone in High Places”

I finished my h*ckin mural!!!

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David Ullock and Douglas Nhung–”Luxurious Dreamscape Bubblebath”




✌✌Van mural fest was a blast ! #Ephin #sdk

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Thanks #vanmuralfest good times today! #crums #nr #vancouvermuralfestival

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Andy Dixon–”Vancouver Studio (After Matisse) 2017″

Lani Imre, Bronwyn Schuster, Amanda Smart, and Tia Rambaran–”Lady Mermaids”

Cristian Fowlie–”Quantum Leap”

My biggest undertaking to date, and now I’m hungry for more. 🍽 #vanmuralfest 📷 @theeereeese

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David Shillinglaw–”We Are Croutons Floating in Cosmic Soup”

Tyler Keeton Robbins–Trees Burn While Flowers Bloom”

End of day 3 @vanmuralfest

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Ari De La Mora and Irving Cano–”Dance the Dance My Girl”

Working late 💪🏽❤️️🎨 @vanmuralfest

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Carson Ting–”Ride Wild”

And a few more photos from the festival…

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Very colourful & dynamic artwork: ‘Dance the Dance My Girl’ by Irving Cano & Ari De La Mora.

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