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Someone built the smallest condo in Vancouver... and we still can’t afford it (VIDEO)

Simran Singh Mar 28, 2018 7:57 am 41,077

The smallest condo in Vancouver is fit for a mouse -literally.

This extremely tiny one-bedroom “apartment” is built inside the wall of a Vancouver-home and given the city’s sky-rocketing real estate prices, you still probably couldn’t afford this hole-in-the-wall.

But, it turns out there is a very cute back story to this Vancouver mouse house.

Matt Crossan Clark had the brilliant idea of tricking his young daughters that a mouse had moved permanently into their Vancouver home.

Clark turned to the expertise of his colleague Michael Anthony Sorgiovanni who built a real-life tiny mouse condo inside the wall of the Clark family’s home. 

“A little after work project for my bosses kids who think a mouse lives in the house. They’re on vacation and their dad told them a small delivery came for the mouse. Couple hours later, I built a little mouse condo into the walls,” wrote Sorgiovanni on Instagram. 

Sorgiovanni managed to make the mouse-house extremely realistic as it comes with a tiny bed, dressers, and a miniature lighting fixture. In fact, it’s much nicer than a lot of human-sized places for rent in Vancouver.

Vancouver Mouse House

Matt Crossan Clark/ Facebook screenshot

Clark put a camera inside the mouse-house to record his daughters’ reactions to finding out the mouse had permanently moved in, and it’s adorable.

The mouse  (aka Clark) also left a small letter to the girls to explain who he is, and why he moved in.

Vancouver Mouse House

Matt Crossan Clark/ Facebook screenshot

“My name is Michael the Mouse, you can call me Mikey. (Not Micky!) I used to live in the forest of Caulfeild School but after visiting your house a few times over the past year I have decided to move in permanently,” said the letter.

“I work every day at the cheese market at Granville Island Market. I get up very early and come home late. So don’t worry, I won’t disturb you.”

In all seriousness, Michael the Mouse seems like the perfect tenant.

We’re still not sure how much rent Micheal the Mouse pays, but this mouse-house could be the solution to Vancouver’s real-estate problems… that is, if you can fit inside.

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