Someone built the smallest condo in Vancouver... and we still can’t afford it (VIDEO)

Mar 28 2018, 2:57 pm

The smallest condo in Vancouver is fit for a mouse -literally.

This extremely tiny one-bedroom “apartment” is built inside the wall of a Vancouver-home and given the city’s skyrocketing real estate prices, you still probably couldn’t afford this hole-in-the-wall.

But, it turns out there is a very cute back story to this Vancouver mouse house.

A Vancouver man had the brilliant idea of tricking his young daughters that a mouse had moved permanently into their home.

The man turned to the expertise of his colleague Michael Anthony Sorgiovanni who built a real-life tiny mouse condo inside the wall of their family’s home. 

“A little after work project for my bosses kids who think a mouse lives in the house. They’re on vacation and their dad told them a small delivery came for the mouse. Couple hours later, I built a little mouse condo into the walls,” wrote Sorgiovanni on Instagram. 

Sorgiovanni managed to make the mouse-house extremely realistic as it comes with a tiny bed, dressers, and a miniature lighting fixture. In fact, it’s much nicer than a lot of human-sized places for rent in Vancouver.

Vancouver Mouse House

Facebook screenshot

A camera was placed inside the mouse-house to record the man’s daughters’ reactions to finding out the mouse had permanently moved in, and it’s adorable.

The mouse also left a small letter to the girls to explain who he is, and why he moved in.

Vancouver Mouse House

Facebook screenshot

“My name is Michael the Mouse, you can call me Mikey. (Not Micky!) I used to live in the forest of Caulfeild School but after visiting your house a few times over the past year I have decided to move in permanently,” said the letter.

“I work every day at the cheese market at Granville Island Market. I get up very early and come home late. So don’t worry, I won’t disturb you.”

In all seriousness, Michael the Mouse seems like the perfect tenant.

We’re still not sure how much rent Micheal the Mouse pays, but this mouse-house could be the solution to Vancouver’s real-estate problems… that is, if you can fit inside.

Editor’s note: Names have been removed from this story for privacy reasons. 

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