We went for a cosmetic consult to answer all your burning filler and Botox questions

Nov 27 2019, 6:24 pm

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about “what they’ve had done” while chatting over a cup of coffee. These days, more Canadians are embracing injectable cosmetic treatments to achieve natural-looking results — if and when they decide they’re ready to do so.

Call us basic, or old fashioned, but we had never been for consultation at a skin care clinic until recently. Before we made the appointment, we were slightly apprehensive because we genuinely didn’t know what to expect from the moment we walked through the clinic doors.

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So when we arrived at Skin Technique, tucked away on Hamilton Street in Yaletown, we were instantly impressed by the space. It feels more like a spa than a doctor’s office (seriously, we would live there), with relaxing music playing softly throughout the reception area.

After checking in with the therapists on reception, we completed a questionnaire that requires information about your medical history, any previous treatments, your skincare routine, and the areas that you’d like to focus on, whether it’s your lips or frown lines.

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We were lucky enough to have a consultation with the founder of Skin Technique, Dr. Christopher Pavlou. A medical doctor with more than a decade of experience, Dr. Pavlou is board certified in aesthetic medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Pavlou began the consultation by going through our questionnaire and asking us about the areas we were interested in working on. Although he strikes an impressive figure, he’s quite patient and soft-spoken when discussing a treatment plan and making recommendations.

“Sometimes, people don’t know what they need. They just know that there’s something bothering them, but they’re not sure what it is,” says Dr. Pavlou. “I work with them and we devise a treatment plan together.” For example, knowing your skin care routine is important for Skin Technique because if they can improve things with skin care treatments, they prefer to do so rather than use injectables.

“Injectables are not the solution to everything, so we like having a very comprehensive approach to skin care, starting with what you use at home, to sun avoidance, food, diet, and exercise.”

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The list of treatments available at Skin Technique is extensive, including Botox, fillers, Emsculpt, buttocks enhancement, PRP hair restoration, dermaplanning, AquaGold, and much more.

During a consult, you’ll discover different uses for each treatment. In our case, we learned that Botox injected into the masseter muscle could help reduce the impact of teeth grinding, providing a medical benefit with the cosmetic element of some slight facial contouring as a bonus (what’s not to love?).

But going for a consultation doesn’t mean you have to get a treatment done on the day — we didn’t. However, if clients want to start their treatment plan during their first appointment, they have the option to do that when they call to book.


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Each appointment at Skin Technique is thorough and customized for the client, and it ends with a clinician skin care consult. During this time, you’ll talk about laser treatments, body contouring, facials, and medical-grade skin care to understand your options when it comes to looking (and feeling) your best.

All patients at Skin Technique come in for a follow-up appointment two weeks after their treatment, which is scheduled automatically so people get the best results. Dr. Pavlou says patients aren’t always aware that they can do a little touch-up if the result isn’t optimal or how they expected it to look. “Sometimes, a little bit of a touch up in two weeks takes it [their results] to the next level.”


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There’s certainly a higher awareness of medical aesthetics treatments these days as a result of social media. Dr. Pavlou advises people to do their research when looking for a cosmetic clinic and would recommend those that are physician-directed.

You should also be careful if you attend a Botox party or choose a clinic that’s not run or operated by a physician. You can’t always be sure that the products used are Health Canada-approved.

At Skin Technique, physicians stick to a very strict code of conduct such as sterile health and safety protocols. “Everything we do is with sterile, aseptic Health Canada-approved products,” says Dr. Pavlou.


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Continuity of care is important at Skin Technique, and Dr. Pavlou says developing a relationship with your physician, be it your dentist or medical aesthetician, allows you to constantly improve things. “Understanding your expectations, your emotions, your history, and your family history — all of these things are important when you’re doing this work.”

If you’re like us and curious to know what a treatment plan could look like, book a consultation with Skin Technique now. You can also get the latest updates by following Dr. Pavlou on his award-winning Instagram account @drpavlou.

Skin Technique

Where: 1046 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Contact:  (778) 945-7505

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