Crazy long lines for taxis at YVR Airport are a growing problem (PHOTOS)

Jul 21 2018, 5:58 am

The lines for a taxi at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) are getting long, ridiculously long.

And this could not be a better litmus test of how the local taxi industry is fairing and a testament to why BC needs ride share.

These lines outside the terminal building can be so long that they wind around into queues of over 300 people waiting for an hour.

And if you are in this line, you may have shared your fury in an angry tweet to @YVRAirport to ask why this is acceptable.

But there is only so much the Vancouver Airport Authority can do, as this part of their reputation (and Vancouver’s collective reputation) to tourists is at the mercy of the taxi industry and the provincial government.

YVR is continuously rated as the best airport in North America (there should be no debate on this if you have visited other airports on the continent), and airport officials have made all the right moves for our economic benefit and ability to globe trot.

There are more flights than ever before that link Vancouver with important destinations around the world, and this will only grow in the coming years. On YVR’s part, terminal expansions and other improvements costing $9.1 billion are already underway to ensure supply meets demand.

However, the same cannot be said for the taxi industry, which has proven time and time again that it is unwilling to have supply meet the actual demand to support the city’s growing economy. Whether it be meeting the rising number of passengers at the airport and cruise ship terminal, an increase in the number of events in downtown, or just simply general population growth and the growing tech-oriented business community.

While the Canada Line is a growing alternative option, it simply does not have the capacity to take on the entire taxi shortfall serving the airport, especially passengers hauling multiple pieces of large luggage. And of course, transit may not be the most convenient way of getting around to certain areas of the Lower Mainland.

“YVR is experiencing record passenger growth and we are seeing an increased demand from our customers to provide additional ground transportation options,” YVR spokesperson Tess Messmer told Daily Hive.

“YVR supports any efforts to modernize and improve British Columbia’s transportation system if it is enacted in a way that creates a level playing field between the current taxi industry and new providers such as rideshare companies. In the meantime, we are working closely with the taxi industry to address the shortages we’re seeing at YVR.”

So if you need any more proof on why there needs a complete overhaul of the taxi industry and the implementation of rideshare, here is a selection of photo tweets from the last two years that express an indignation:

Welcome to Vancouver…

Tell me about it…

Sometimes there is even a line to get into the actual line for a taxi.

Welcome to the 100 member club.

Welcome to the 300 member club.

Welcome to the ‘night club’.

Darn it, Vancouver.

From the same point of view…

Oh, it’s night again… from the same point of view.

Sorry, very sorry.

Sometimes there’s even a long line with zero taxis.

Oh wait, now there’s one taxi!

Congratulations, you made it to the front of the line end of these tweets.

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