Pain in the GAS: Vancouver predicted to hit a new record high for fuel prices

Sep 27 2022, 11:42 pm

Another day, another doom and gloom prediction from gas analysts over Metro Vancouver’s fuel prices. But this one may be the worst yet.

Gas Wizard expects to see a jump to $2.399 by Thursday for places around Vancouver — which would break all-time records.

At that price, it will also be breaking our hearts as it will be about a 30-cent jump from what drivers were paying just over a week before when prices were hovering just below the $2/litre mark.

Gas prices metro vancouver

Gas Wizard

The last time gas prices were close to that high was June 6, when they hit $2.369 per litre.

It comes as many have already aired their frustrations over the constant hit to their bottom line on Twitter.

Others have pointed out that BC remains the most expensive place to fill up in the country.

If Thursday’s prediction comes true, drivers in Metro Vancouver will be paying 90 cents more than those in Calgary.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy

Others have taken their frustrations south, to fill up stateside where they can save a few dollars.

The owner of a Shell station in Point Roberts told Daily Hive earlier this week that his station saw major lineups of Canadians who sought out savings. He says it ended up being one of the stationā€™s best weekends for sales.

It’s unclear if more will follow this weekend after the Canadian government lifts the COVID-19 requirement for travellers, which will also mean an end to having to use the often criticized ArriveCAN app.

With files from Amir Ali and Nikitha Martins

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