Vancouver named the "digital nomad" freelancer capital of the world

Apr 22 2021, 5:40 pm

Vancouver is the most popular city in the world for “digital nomad” freelancers, according to Netherlands-based

The global resume helper website says Vancouver is a “firm favourite for a post-pandemic influx of nomadic workers,” and its analysis that puts this Canadian city on the top of its list is based on social media activity.

New York City and London follow closely behind Vancouver. For comparison, the cost of living is about 30% higher in New York City than in Vancouver, based on the company’s analysis.

Top 10 “digital nomad” cities in the world:

  1. Vancouver, Canada
  2. New York City, USA
  3. London, UK
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Dubai, UAE
  6. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  7. Los Angeles, USA
  8. Tumen, Mexico
  9. Paris, France
  10. Lisbon, Portugal

“One of the great appeals of the digital nomad life is the comfort of spending a big city wage in a place with a relatively cheap economy. So it’s surprising that two of the top three destinations are among the world’s twenty most expensive places to live,” reads a post by the company.

“But Vancouver offers something money can’t buy: neighbourhood. Wherever you crash, you’ll find cafés, bars, and parks within walking distance, and a level of friendliness that quickly offsets the loneliness that sometimes blights the itinerant lifestyle.”

These findings loosely align with Statistics Canada data, which shows the prevalence of gig workers in British Columbia is higher than in other regions of the country.

As of 2018, the self-employment rate in BC was 17.9%, followed by Saskatchewan at 17.4%, Alberta at 17.2%, and Ontario at 15.5%. The national average is 15.3%.

“Workers in the bottom 40% of the annual income distribution were about twice as likely to be involved in gig work as other workers. Gig work was also more prevalent among immigrants than among Canadian-born workers,” states a Statistics Canada report.

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