Vancouver ER doctor says get vaccinated so people can party again

Sep 9 2021, 9:16 pm

A Vancouver ER doctor is using Instagram as a platform to raise awareness about the severity of COVID-19 and the importance of getting vaccinated.

Dr. Jeff Yoo, who works in Vancouver, urges young people to get vaccinated so things can get back to some sense of normalcy.

In a video posted to his account, he highlighted how dire the situation has been in the emergency ward, and that most of the folks he has been treating are unvaccinated.

The post is introduced with the caption, “Life in the ER is rough during this 4th wave. Please do your part and get vaxxed.”

“Let’s get this pandemic behind us so that we can celebrate, and party, and get back to doing all the things that bring us joy and fulfillment,” says Dr. Yoo in the Instagram video.


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Dr. Yoo acknowledges that BC is currently battling the 4th wave, driven by the highly transmissible Delta Variant.

“It’s crushing to see so many young people get ill with a disease that could have been preventable if they had just gotten the vaccine.”

He points to vaccine hesitancy, which leads to hospitalizations, being a primary reason why many healthcare workers are experiencing burnout or exhaustion.

Dr. Yoo also points out that he hasn’t treated anyone for serious side effects following a COVID-19 vaccination.

Earlier today, Health Minister Adrian Dix held a surprise press conference for the media. Dix highlighted that over 1 million British Columbians had applied for the BC Vaccine Card as of Thursday afternoon.

The BC Vaccine Card will be required at many public settings beginning September 13.

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