Free series teaches Vancouverites what to expect if a 6.5 earthquake hit the city

May 8 2019, 5:53 am

This year alone there has already been 11 earthquakes in British Columbia, with magnitudes ranging from 1.8 to 5.3.

According to the City of Vancouver, research shows that there is a one in four chance that Vancouver will have another major earthquake within the next 50 years.

Every year, the first full week of May marks Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada.

This year, Vancouverites have the opportunity to learn about what the outcome of a large quake might look like on their neighbourhoods and how to prepare.

As part of Emergency Preparedness Week, Vancouver-based urban design and planning studio, Neighbour Lab is hosting a resilient neighbourhood walk series.

The free, guided walks are giving residents the chance toĀ learn about the potential impacts a 6.5 magnitude earthquake could have on specific areas.

Residents will find out about community strengths and opportunities. Those who attend areĀ also encouraged to discuss neighbourhood preparedness initiatives.

There are two more resilience neighbourhood walks taking place this weekend:

“They’re a great opportunity to bring neighbours together and talk about something like earthquakes, that’s often scary to talk about but in a more light and engaging way focusing on our strengths and our opportunities and less on the scary factors that might accompany it,” saidĀ Community Development Lead for Neighbour Lab, Leah Karlberg.

Neighbour Lab leads participants through a storytelling activity to visualize the changes that might occur within the neighbourhood landscape should a large earthquake occur.

Resilient walk

Mapping exercise/Kassidie Cornell

Participants learn how to safely navigate the aftermath of a large earthquake including how far to stay back from power lines and the best practices post quake.

Following the hour long walk, participants are treated to snacks and refreshments along with the chance to partake in a mapping exercise.

Liz Jang participated in one of the walks and says that she was surprised by how involved people were.

“I was really impressed to see how engaged the people were that were participating and how much people are ready for this now,” said Jang.

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