Vancouver ranks among top 50 cities with the most diverse food scenes

May 2 2018, 9:43 pm

Vancouver has ranked among 50 cities with the most diverse food scenes in the world.

Coming in at number 19 on the list, the city is reportedly represented by 52 national cuisines.

The top Canadian city on the list was Toronto, ranked third, while Montreal was just edged out of the top 10 and comes in at number 11. Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa all made the list as well.

The data published as a neat interactive infographic by Bott and Co “analyzed restaurant data for every city with a population of 1 million or more.” To qualify as having a specific national cuisine available, the city needed to have a restaurant dedicated to the cuisine listed in Google Maps.

Created by Bott & Co (view the full interactive)

The results are however a little eyebrow raising… especially when Swiss Chalet is listed as Vancouver’s top-rated Swiss restaurant. Wha…?

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