"Incredibly excited": Vancouver celebrating "The Last of Us" filming update

Mar 31 2023, 9:07 pm

Vancouver leaders are celebrating that season two of The Last of Us will likely be filming in Vancouver.

Sources revealed the news to Daily Hive, and Deadline also reported the exciting development.

Since the news broke, fans have expressed excitement, and Vancouver leaders, including Mayor Ken Sim, are just as thrilled about the development.

“We’re incredibly excited to have one of the largest shows on television choose to film in Vancouver,” said Sim.

“Vancouver is Hollywood North – this announcement is a demonstration of our city’s continued strength in the film and television sector. As we look to the future, I’m confident that we will see even more productions decide to make their home here.”

Another prominent player in the local film industry is Vancouver film commissioner Geoff Teoli, who said he was hoping for this news.

“This is an announcement that Mayor Sim and I have been hoping for and looking forward to since our recent trip down to LA and some very productive discussions with major studios there,” he said.

“While it may look like Vancouver’s 50-year reputation of filmmaking excellence speaks for itself, for us to succeed for another 50 years we have to be proactive, bold and continually reinforce the relationships and trust that our talented crews, technicians and studios have built over time. Taking the time to understand and meet the needs of such an important industry will always be worth it.”

Season one of the hit series was filmed across Alberta, and it was a massive boon for the tourism industry in the province. Travel Alberta took the ball and ran with it, turning shooting locations into popular destinations for fans and visitors to the region. Vancouver is already a hot tourist destination, and the hit HBO series could turn shooting locations into hotspots for even more visitors.

Season two is expected to be based around the events of the second game in the hit PlayStation franchise, The Last of Us Part II, primarily set in Seattle, Washington.

What season two could mean for Vancouver’s economy

vancouver last of us


While Hollywood North has seen some record numbers in recent years, the implications of a show like The Last of Us shooting in BC could be huge, especially for lesser-known parts of the province, depending on where production crews set up shop. In The Last of Us Part II video game, locations span urban and rural landscapes, which BC offers plenty of.

The production will also likely create many more jobs in the Vancouver film industry. In 2021, BC’s film and TV production industry generated a whopping record $4.8 billion. Some members of film unions have already expressed their excitement online about potential gigs related to season two.

Some sources suggest that season one of The Last of Us costs roughly US$15 million per episode to shoot.

The show got a shout-out as part of the 2023 budget in relation to tourism in Alberta, highlighting what BC could be in store for.

“Building on the tourism-related success of HBO’s The Last of Us, Budget 2023 also provides an increase of $100 million over the next three years for the Film and Television Tax Credit, to attract more productions to the province that will create jobs, diversify the economy and showcase Alberta as a world-class travel destination.”

Mayor Sim will have more to say during a press conference later today.

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