Gary Bettman gets booed mercilessly by Canucks fans at the 2019 NHL Draft (VIDEOS)

Jun 22 2019, 9:31 am

Vancouver honoured a longstanding tradition at the 2019 NHL Draft on Friday.

They booed Gary Bettman.


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Bettman isn’t popular in any NHL city, though he appears to be extra loathed by Canucks fans.

ā€œHello Vancouver! Whenever I come here, I admire the emotion and the passion,” Bettman said, as boos rained down on him from all corners of Rogers Arena.

The NHL commissioner expects it, of course, so he arrived to the west coast with a trick up his sleeve.

ā€œWait, I have something for you which I think will change the mood,ā€ he said, before exiting the stage.

Bettman returned with Henrik and Daniel Sedin, which turned boos into cheers, though it served to be an awkward moment.

It also only delayed the inevitable.

Scars run deep from four work stoppages during Bettman’s 26-year reign as league commissioner. So does the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Canucks fans booed the commissioner whenever he stepped up to the microphone, for picks one through 31.

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