Vancouver ranked as city with Canada's greenest transportation system

Jan 11 2022, 7:39 pm

A new ranking by Kijiji Autos names Vancouver as Canada’s greenest city for its transportation system.

In fact, Vancouver leads other major Canadian cities by a wide margin, with a score of 6.24 — well ahead of Ottawa/Gatineau with 5.80, Montreal with 5.50, Toronto with 5.40, and Calgary with 4.79.

Analysts credit Vancouver’s public transit system and the use of greener bus vehicles such as diesel hybrids, providing residents with alternatives to private car transportation, as well as secondary factors such as public bike share and cycling infrastructure.

Vancouver also ranks highly in the sub-category of adopting electric-battery vehicles, with a third place ranking behind Toronto and Montreal. While Vancouver has the most electric-battery cars on the road amongst all 10 major Canadian cities evaluated, it falls behind Canada’s two largest urban centres for its lack of public charging stations.

When it comes to the “most polluted” cities, Vancouver ranks second — just behind Toronto, but ahead of Hamilton, Montreal, and Ottawa/Gatineau. Vancouver’s air quality index score of 10% ties with Winnipeg for the lowest of all 10 regions, especially in contrast to 50% for Toronto, 57% for Hamilton, 30% for Edmonton, 24% for Montreal, 23% for Ottawa/Gatineau, 20% for Quebec City, and 19% for Calgary.

But Vancouver’s low air quality index score is offset by having the highest traffic congestion of all cities, with a traffic congestion rating of 30% — above Toronto at 22%, Montreal at 20%, Ottawa/Gatineau at 19%, Winnipeg at 17%, Quebec City at 16%, Calgary, Edmonton, and Kitchener tied at 13%, and Hamilton at 12%.

Compared to similarly sized regions, Metro Vancouver generally lacks major road infrastructure, and highways, of course, do not cross through the city proper to reach the city centre.

Greenest Transportation Cities in Canada

  1. Vancouver — 6.24
  2. Ottawa/Gatineau — 5.80
  3. Montreal — 5.50
  4. Toronto — 5.40
  5. Calgary — 4.79
  6. Quebec — 4.73
  7. Hamilton — 4.45
  8. Edmonton — 3.99
  9. Kitchener — 3.22
  10. Winnipeg — 3.03

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