TransLink releases map of trolley reroutes during Broadway Subway construction

Mar 25 2019, 8:03 pm

A new map released by TransLink provides a detailed look at how the construction of the Millennium Line’s Broadway Extension to Arbutus Street will temporarily affect trolley bus routes that run through the Broadway Corridor.

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The No. 16 normally runs on West Broadway between Arbutus Street and Granville Street, but during subway construction it will cut its portion along Arbutus Street between West Broadway and 12th Avenue and run on West 12th Avenue to reach Granville Street instead.

Similarly, the No. 17 will also be running along West 12th Avenue between Oak Street and Cambie Street, instead of its usual route continuing along Oak Street north of 12th Avenue and on West Broadway between Oak Street and Cambie Street.

The most significant trolley reroute will be the No. 14, which will operate along West 4th Avenue between Macdonald Street and the Granville Stret Bridge instead of its usual route along West Broadway.

Millennium Line Broadway Extension trolley

Map of trolley bus reroutes during construction for the Millennium Line’s Broadway Extension. (TransLink)

To accommodate the reroutes, construction crews began the process last month of installing new trolley poles and overhead trolley wires along portions of West 12th Avenue, Cambie Street, and Macdonald Street. This 16-month-long early work project involves the installation of about 300 trolley poles and foundations.

There may be some temporary street parking restrictions and occasional lane closures during this trolley infrastructure work.

Reroutes of these three trolley bus routes are expected to begin sometime in the latter half of 2020, when major construction on the $2.8-billion tunnelled SkyTrain extension project begins.

While the tunnel will be completed using a tunnel boring machine, previous TransLink documents noted there will be disruptions to traffic on West Broadway, particularly in areas where localized cut-and-cover construction is required for the subway stations.

The extension of the Millennium Line, adding six new stations and replacing half of the existing 99 B-Line route, is scheduled for a 2025 opening.

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