A bear was spotted in a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver over the weekend (VIDEO)

May 1 2023, 8:15 pm

A bear was spotted wandering around a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver this weekend, and we are happy to report this story ends happily.

Vancouver police put out a warning on social media Saturday afternoon that the large animal was tracked by officers near the Burnaby border.

Photos show the black bear relaxing in someone’s backyard on the beautiful day.

Another video shows the bear strolling along a sidewalk in someone’s yard just a few metres from the front door.

The Twitter user says the animal was definitely the crazy excitement for the day.

It was first spotted near Boundary and Trinity Street and eventually it ambled back into the woods a few hours after its big adventure.

There were no reports of any conflicts with humans, however, officers did urge residents to use caution and give it space and it appears that folks were respectful.

This isn’t Vancouver’s first experience with bears.Ā In 2021, a black bear wandered from the woods along the train tracks and was spotted near Gastown. The animal was tranquilized and re-released into the wild.

The wrong side of the tracks: Bear spotted in downtown Vancouver (VIDEO)

And while there are no actual lions or tigers, there have been lots of cat concerns in recent years. In 2022, a school went into lockdown over reports a cougar was on the loose in Vancouver.

But, turns out it was a Savannah cat ā€” a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat. And while it does look like a wild animal, it is actually allowed to be kept as a pet.

Reported cougar on the loose in Vancouver turns out to be large pet cat

Most recently, residents were told to look out for a creature of a different nature.

She had lost her boa constrictor and it prompted an appeal for people to keep an eye out in the Kitsilano neighbourhood last week.

"My baby is missing": A boa constrictor is on the loose in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

However, “Snek” was later found and the owner said she thinks the reptile might have been hiding in the apartment the whole time.

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