Several Vancouver attractions get a huge shoutout from Time Magazine (PHOTOS)

Mar 16 2023, 7:10 pm

Several Vancouver attractions just got a massive shoutout from Time Magazine.

Time Magazine recently unveiled the 2023 edition of its world’s greatest places, with Vancouver making the list with “eclectic cuisine” being a key reason why.

However, the list wasn’t just limited to food, several Vancouver attractions were a key reason Hollywood North made the Time Magazine list.

Vancouver parks

Stanley Park, Lost Lagoon, Fall, Vancouver

Erfan Shams

Unsurprisingly, Time highlighted Vancouver parks as one of the main reasons it made the list of the world’s greatest places. After all, parks are one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

You might have already guessed one of the named parks: Stanley Park.

Not only is it the home of the iconic seawall, but it was also named the world’s best park by Trip Advisor in 2014. The 405-hectare park highlights Vancouver’s unique urban and natural landscape blend.

The other park mentioned was a bit of a surprise and it’s a park that isn’t even one year old: Rainbow Park.

Rainbow Park, officially known as sőł”ôq”ôlxen”ôm ts’exwts’aŐĀxwi7, is the brand new park located at Smithe and Richards streets, also the home to a brand new Kafka coffee location.

Other tourist attractions

Time Magazine also gave several tourist attractions a shoutout.

Time gave a generous nod to Talaysay Tours, which take place in Stanley Park.

The Talaysay website says the tours offer “authentic Aboriginal cultural and eco-tourism experiences in and around Vancouver, Squamish, and the Sunshine Coast.”

Vancouver’s Chinese Canadian Museum was also mentioned by Time, which will soon be open at a permanent site in Chinatown this summer. Speaking of summer, another attraction named by Time was the Vancouver Mural Festival, which takes place once a year every August.


Paradox Hotel Vancouver_Lobby4

Main lobby area of Paradox Hotel Vancouver. (Paradox Hotel Group)

Time says, “there’s no shortage of accommodations to choose from” in Vancouver.

It gave a shoutout to Versante, which is technically in Richmond, Paradox in Vancouver, and Skwach√†ys Lodge, Canada’s first Indigenous boutique art hotel, which also has its own art gallery.


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Is there anything Time Magazine missed that you’d include for why Vancouver is one of the world’s greatest places?

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