Park Board building a new False Creek ferry dock at Sunset Beach

Nov 19 2019, 11:25 pm

Construction began this week on a new and improved False Creek ferry dock at Sunset Beach, just next to Vancouver Aquatic Centre in downtown’s West End.

The Vancouver Park Board says a new structure will replace the current ageing ferry dock, providing a significantly improved user experience with its less steep grades during low tide, which particularly benefits people using mobility aids and wheelchairs.

There will also be upgraded lighting along the gangways, platforms, and ferry float, as well as a new shelter waiting area for ferry passengers and dock users.

A larger overall area provides increased capacity for the small passenger-only ferries and other small boats, including dingy moorage space.

To allow for construction, False Creek Ferries’ service to this dock location will be diverted to the ferry dock at the foot of Hornby Street — located 400 metres south of the Aquatic Centre. Aquabus routes are not affected by the construction.

The dedicated bike path through the area will temporarily become a shared path for both pedestrians and cyclists to accommodate the space needed for construction staging.

There will be no dock access until construction reaches completion in early 2020.

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