Two of Vancouver Aquarium's new sea otters engage in adorableness (VIDEO)

Sep 22 2018, 12:52 am

The Vancouver Aquarium recently came across some otter behaviour that was simply too cute to not share.

While preparing for Sea Otter Awareness Week, two of the Aquarium’s newest members, Tanu and Katmai, were caught “rafting” on video.

Rafting, according to the aquarium, is a natural sea otter behaviour that allows the animals to stay together while resting or during challenging weather.

They also managed to capture a video of the adorable pair mid-rest.

Tanu and Katmai are two of the eldest sea otters that have found a home at the Vancouver. They live alongside Mak, Kunik, Rialto, and Hardy,

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

Anyone looking to meet some of the aquarium’s newest (and cutest) members are invited to visit during Sea Otter Awareness Week, running from Saturday, September 22 to Sunday, September 30, 2018.

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