An average 1-bedroom apartment in Vancouver now costs $1,900/month to rent

Feb 16 2017, 11:07 pm

Surprise, surprise! Vancouver is still the most expensive city to rent a place in Canada, according to the latest Rent Report by Padmapper.

According to the apartment hunting website, the median rent for a one-bedroom place in Vancouver is now $1,900/month, up 1.6% since January.

That’s the most expensive a one-bedroom rental in Vancouver has been since Padmapper began its Rent Reports in June 2016, when a one-bedroom cost $1,700/month.

Meanwhile, the median rent on a two-bedroom place in Vancouver is now estimated at $3,130/month, a drop of by 0.6% from January.

That may be slightly down, but by comparison, in the first ever Rent Report, a two-bedroom in Vancouver would cost you $2,780/month on average.

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The top five most expensive cities to rent a place in Canada remains the same as January, with Toronto, Victoria, Montreal and Ottawa following Vancouver in the top spot.

By comparison, in June last year, the top five most expensive cities on Padmapper’s list were Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Calgary, and Ottawa.

Oh well. Maybe it’s time to try Abbotsford, where a one-bedroom costs $800/month, and you can splash out on a two-bedroom for $900/month. Maybe.

Top 5 most expensive rental markets in Canada

  1. Vancouver: one-bedroom $1,900, two-bedroom $3,130
  2. Toronto: one-bedroom $1,620, two-bedroom $2,060
  3. Victoria: one-bedroom $1,290, two-bedroom $1,470
  4. Montreal: one-bedroom $1,180, two-bedroom $1,470
  5. Ottawa: one-bedroom $1,080, two-bedroom $1,300