Everything you need to know about using Lyft in Vancouver

Mar 11 2020, 5:25 pm

We’re well into 2020, and things are looking good in Metro Vancouver. We’re getting closer and closer to spring, and we cannot wait to break our hibernation. Soon, we’ll want to go out frequently (patio season, we see you) — and it’s going to be a lot easier to get home since ridesharing service Lyft is finally here.

This means you no longer have to wait for what feels like forever to hail a ride home after a concert. And if you’ve got a date at a taco spot on the other side of the city, well, now you can actually get there on time.

Lyft is here to help you unlock the best of Vancouver. As you get ready to take your first (second or hundredth) ride, here are all of the key things you need to know.

How it works

In-app preview/Lyft

Lyft is making strides in hundreds of cities across North America due to the wide range of options offered on the app (we’ll discuss these in a moment), the sheer ease of its usability, and its commitment to “improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.”

Every driver using Lyft is screened for rider safety. Your driver’s name and car details pop up on the app so you can share the information with friends — something we couldn’t do before.

As the rider, you also choose the most efficient route to your destination, and Lyft will even give you an upfront fare estimate before you go.

What it costs

How many times have you gotten a ride home with no idea of the potential cost and sighed at the final price on the meter? Lyft provides an affordable, upfront alternative with base fares set at $2.50 and a service fee of $2.50 that’s applied to each ride, bringing the total base cost up to $5. The cost-per-minute is 33 cents and the cost-per-kilometre is 65 cents.

To give you an idea of the total price per distance covered (including the base cost), riding with Lyft from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to New West would cost roughly $21.51, based on Google Maps.

What your options are

Rider and driver/Lyft

No two days are ever the same, which is why Lyft has different rider options to suit your needs and mood. Bonus? Everything can be booked through the app!

These are the options currently available to riders in Vancouver:

  • Lyft — suitable for when you’re heading to the office or the airport. This standard ride includes a car with four seats all to yourself and a trunk for your luggage.
  • Extra Seats — reserve a ride for up to six people and arrive in style when you choose one of Lyft’s standard or black SUVs.

Other app features include:

  • Preferred Pronouns — Lyft is the first and only rideshare company to offer riders the option to choose their preferred pronoun.
  • Two-way Rating Systems — riders and drivers rate one another, increasing accountability among both parties. If a rider and driver rate each other anything under three stars, they will never be matched together again.

Where you can go

Lyft’s arrival in Vancouver ultimately gives you more flexibility (and the time to take a quick power nap at home before you go out). To make it better, the ridesharing service has announced partnerships for reliable transportation to and from the city’s hottest events.

Hockey fans, take note: Lyft is the Official Rideshare Partner of the Vancouver Canucks. So, now you can take the guesswork out of getting to or from a game, and you’ll have a smart ride home with Lyft! Your driver will drop you off or pick you up in a convenient spot.

The PNE is a well-frequented event venue, and Lyft is now the Official Rideshare Partner. There are three pickup and drop-off spots outside of the Pacific Coliseum, the PNE Forum, and the Playland entrance. Furthermore, Lyft riders will get express line access at the PNE Fair, Playland at the PNE, and Fright Nights!

Grouse Mountain has also teamed up with Lyft to create a drop-off spot at the base of the mountain and to give riders a boutique discount.

Round up your fares


Looking for a way to give back this year?

The ridesharing service has announced Covenant House Vancouver as its first LyftUp partner. This means riders can round up their payment to the nearest dollar amount and support a local organization at the same time. All funds raised will go to Covenant House Vancouver — an impactful charity that supports the city’s homeless and at-risk street youth, ensuring they have access to vital services.

Look out for the heart symbol on the app menu with “Donate” beside it and opt-in. In addition to the LyftUp program, Lyft donated $5 per ride to this important cause with its first 10,000 rides in BC for a total of $50,000.

How to sign up

Now that you’ve got your guide to using Lyft in Vancouver, all you have to do is sign up to become a rider with Lyft.

Simply enter your mobile number on the Lyft rider homepage and you’ll receive a text with a link to download the app. It only takes a few minutes and it could save you a lot of time in the long run.

Interested in a side hustle and want to drive with Lyft? Find out more here. Lyft offers new driver incentives. It also has three hubs to support drivers — in Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond.

Be sure to follow Lyft on Instagram and look out for the Ytinerary series which will be offering a selection of ride discounts to Metro Vancouver’s hottest spots!

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