A US news network thought Banff National Park was in Ontario (VIDEO)

Apr 24 2019, 10:52 pm

Banff National Park, one of Alberta’s most beautiful places to visit and an iconic setting along the Canadian Rockies, has apparently moved to Ontario.

KTVU, a television broadcaster owned and operated by Fox that services the San Francisco Bay Area, was off by over 3,000 km while reporting on the three mountaineers who died as a result of an avalanche earlier this week.

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The graphic on the newscast showed “Banff National Park” placed somewhere near Ottawa — a mistake that didn’t miss the eye of Twitter user Don Kollins, who uploaded a video of the error onto social media shortly after the broadcast.

While we can’t expect all American’s to know the exact locations of Canada’s most stunning national parks, the fact that the Town of Banff and Banff National Park both show up easily on Google Maps (in Alberta) is not a point in KTVU’s favour.

Still, it led to some social media users having a bit of fun in response to the error, so we can’t say it was an all-around terrible thing to have happen.

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