This university collaboration will help you boost your career and land a job

Oct 15 2019, 9:23 pm

The University of Alberta in Edmonton is collaborating with Vancouver-based RED Academy to offer short-term programs for those looking to enter the tech sector.

The tech industry is growing rapidly in Alberta, with tech talent in Edmonton increasing by 26% in the last five years. This city alone employed 28,400 workers in the sector in 2018, and 394 tech companies operate there, 44% of which are startups.

The collaboration aims to address the digital skills gap and empower graduates to work in this ever-evolving space. Delivered by UAlberta’s Faculty of Extension and powered by RED, the programs are delivered in an intensive, bootcamp format where students work with real clients on real-world projects.

Developed for budding professionals, these bootcamps are not a typical classroom offering. The digital portfolio students build during the programs can help them get a head start in the burgeoning tech sector.

The bootcamps run full-time for 12 weeks, and there are four pathways to choose from that align with some of the industry’s most sought-after jobs:

UX Designer

As a User Experience Designer, you’re the person responsible for researching what a tech user will need. You’ll design with the human in mind, working with mobile and web apps, making sure the device is responsive and figuring out how the product should feel, rather than look. You’re the person responsible for the experience people have while using a product. UX Designers find work at start-ups and software companies as information architects and researchers who help companies understand how users behave, what they need, and what motivates them.

UI Designer

User Interface Designers put themselves in the shoes of tech users and make creative, intuitive products. You’ll create visual identities and style guides, incorporating the fundamentals of graphic design like composition and colour theory. Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, Principle, and more during the UAlberta bootcamp. UI Designers find work as graphic designers, web designers, and product designers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers plan, manage content and design, and develop all the things that make a great brand: personality, values, promise, visual identity, and storytelling. You’ll learn how to advertise in the digital age. Learn Google Ads and Analytics, understand Search Engine Optimization, and create strategies for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Digital Marketers find work as social media coordinators and strategists and digital marketing coordinators.

Web Development

Plain and simple: Web Developers build websites for clients. Learn coding and programming with HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, JavaScript, Sass, GitHub, WordPress, and more. Web Developers find work as front end web developers in digital agencies or as freelance developers.

Not only will your new knowledge equip you for a job in the industry, but UAlberta will support you while you search for one! There’s career support to advise you on job opportunities and provide coaching during the interview process all the way until you’re landing an offer and negotiating a salary – and they’ll even help with that, too.

All programs feature networking, field trips, interactive learning, and industry guest speakers. The next cohort begins in January 2020. Spread the word to family and friends and claim your spot online now!

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