This map tracks every UFO sighting claimed in Canada

Jan 11 2018, 5:11 pm

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just a good ol’ UFO.

There are sightings of UFOs (aka unidentified flying object) regularly in Canada.

From flashing lights, to beams and orbs, Canadians have spotted many UFOs throughout the years. And there’s a website tracking UFO sightings for those interested.

UFO Stalker has a map that shows all the sightings reported in the country. The user-generated map allows the UFO spotters to upload photos and describe the unidentified object seen.

“Went out in the back yard with my two dogs and saw above my townhome approx 4-5 foggy oval lights circling in a rotation,” writes a Mississauga, Ontario resident. “At first, I thought this was an event spotlight since it was in the Christmas season, but there were no beams to the ground. Over time they joined together to make one circle in the middle then they would break apart and repeat the same rotation.”

The November 24 sighting was just one of many in 2017. And this year, there have been five sightings of UFOs in Canada, with four in eastern Canada and one in the west.

UFO Stalker

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