Uber starts distributing decals to drivers ahead of Metro Vancouver launch

Nov 21 2019, 12:51 pm

While the BC government is now accepting rideshare licence applications, no specific date for the launch of rideshare has been announced yet.

Still, rideshare operator Uber said on Thursday that in advance of its “intention to begin operations in the next few weeks,” the company “will be distributing the approved decals to driver partners who have completed the sign-up process.”

But even though the decals are now being distributed, Uber spokesperson Matt MacInnis said passengers “should not enter a vehicle displaying any ridesharing company’s logo until the service has been approved by the Passenger Transportation Board.”

He also reminded people that in order to operate in Metro Vancouver, Uber needs the Passenger Transportation Board to approve its licence to operate, a new TNS business licence from the City of Vancouver, and “enough drivers to meet the expected high demand for ridesharing services in the region.”

Those interested in becoming an Uber driver, he said, should visit the company’s website to complete the sign-up process ASAP “and be ready to drive in the next few weeks.”