UBC placed as 2nd in Canada by 2018 World University Academic Rankings

Aug 17 2018, 3:51 am

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has once again been recognized as not just one of Canada’s, but one of the world’s highest-ranking post-secondary schools.

The institution recently ranked 2nd in Canada and 43rd in the world by the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, an independent organization “dedicated to researching higher education intelligence and consultation.”

The group has been publishing academic rankings of world universities since 2009, using six objective indicators to rank universities around the globe:

  • Number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Field Medals
  • Number of highly cited researchers selected by Clarivate Analytics
  • Number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science
  • Number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index – Expanded and Social Sciences
  • Per capita performance of a university

More than 1200 universities are taken into consideration for the rankings every year, with only the top 500 being published.

This year, UBC dropped 12 places, after being ranked 31st in the world in 2017.

UBC’s ranking score dropped by several points and was succeeded by various schools around the United States, the United Kingdon, and Japan – including New York University, The University of Edinburgh, and Kyoto University.

Despite all that, the institution still remains second-highest in Canada, finishing behind the University of Toronto at 23rd.

Other Canadian schools to crack the top 100 include McGill University (70) and McMaster University (86).

The Top 25 of the 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities

1. Harvard University, US
2. Stanford University, US
3. University of Cambridge, US
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US
5. The University of California, Berkeley, US
6. Princeton University, US
7. University of Oxford, UK
8. Columbia University, US
9. California Institute of Technology, US
10. University of Chicago, US
11. University of California, Los Angeles, US
12. Cornell University, US
13. Yale University, US
14. University of Washingon, US
15. University of California, San Diego, US
16. University of Pennsylvania, US
17. University College London, UK
18. John Hopkins University, US
19. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
20. Washington University in St. Louis, US
21. University of California, San Francisco, US
22. University of Tokyo, Japan
23. University of Toronto, Can
24. Imperial College London, UK
25. Northwestern University, US

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