The TTC has ended Seth Rogen's onboard announcements

Sep 22 2018, 1:07 am

You’ll no longer be able to hear Seth Rogen’s voice on the Toronto Transit Commission.

The TTC confirmed that it has phased out the announcements made by the Canadian-funnyman.

“Seth’s announcements concluded at the end of August. We treated the PSAs like we would any other campaign, as finite. We didn’t have a timeframe in mind at the outset, but knew they wouldn’t run forever,” Brad Ross,  TTC’s communications director, told Daily Hive.

“We ran them from the end of July, through August, as August is a nice, quiet month to have some fun, which is really what this was all about… inject some humour into people’s commutes, yet maintain awareness around the need for courtesy and etiquette.”

Ross says that now September has come along, the service is busier with more closures and disruptions.

“I felt it was the right time to hit pause,” he said.

Some TTC riders were confused about why Rogen’s announcements weren’t being played anymore.

While other commuters were not fans of Rogen’s voice to begin with.

In July, the TTC confirmed its decision to follow in Vancouver’s footsteps and bring Rogen onboard to make announcements.

The light-hearted messages, each lasted approximately 20 seconds, asked riders to be more considerate of their fellow passengers, all in an effort to make taking the TTC a more positive experience for riders.

It’s been fun, Seth, but maybe Drake would have been a better choice all along.

Vancouver’s announcements on TransLink’s SkyTrain and bus systems have proven to be far more popular on the West Coast and are scheduled to continue until late-October.

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